Note to Self

Highly happy people are not rudderless ships tossed about on the seas of public opinion or knocked about by the waves of circumstance or the winds of history. Rather, they are self-directed and pro-active. They choose their life’s direction. They choose their thoughts and beliefs and hopes and dreams.

They also choose their emotional responses to life by choosing the thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that create them.

They are not victims to outside circumstance and accept responsibility for the lives they live. They don’t blame their pasts or the world or God or life or the government or anyone or anything else for the conditions of their lives today. That’s not to say they blame themselves for every obstacle they encounter, but they do accept responsibility for doing something about the obstacles once they encounter them.

Highly happy people know they are the products of their choices and so make them decisively but carefully and with an attitude that nonetheless allows for flexibility to change plans, direction or timelines as needed.

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