2020: A Year in the Rear view

Real talk — this year has been tough. On a global scale, the pandemic has isolated us even more than before. It has been interesting to maneuver the months as we try to settle into a new normal. Wearing masks, social distancing and virtual interactions have become the new norm. Even on a personal note, this year has been extremely difficult. I have struggled to find steady ground with all the continuous challenges thrown my way . It is seasons like these that make me wish we had a blueprint. Something to guide us and provide a secure path. Something that would tell us how to navigate these situations. Something that could provide certainty and comfort, and shed a light of hope on the twists and turns ahead.

But it would be wrong if I only focused on the tough parts of the year. This year has also brought us strength and resilience. It has united us more than ever before. We have been able to come together and understand the struggles we face as we collectively try to make it through these times. Through my challenges, I have also uncovered a wealth of knowledge I would have otherwise missed out on. I have learnt so much about myself and what I value and what I want from life. I have learnt the importance of a good support system, self-confidence and trusting your intuition. But above all I have learnt the importance of knowing yourself. Shakespeare really wasn’t joking when he said to thine own self be true, because as much as having a blueprint sounds nice, I have realized that your inner light is your best guiding force to navigate difficult situations.

So, regardless of how difficult this year has been for you and the challenges you are facing, I hope you find comfort in the fact that we all are in this together. I hope you take a moment to see how far you have come and how much stronger you have become as a result of these challenges. I hope you allow this strength to wash over you as you walk into a new year filled with endless possibilities.

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