A note to self

I recently stumbled upon an old article I had written a few years ago. As I sat there reading the article, I was quickly pulled back in time to where I was 20 years old again. I was sitting on the couch of my old apartment on a hot summer night, reflecting about my life in a new city.

What I didn’t realize back then was that I was actually writing a self-fulfilling prophesy about my future. While there are still aspects that haven’t come to pass, most of what I wrote has somehow manifested its way into my life today.

Anyways, I thought it would be fun to share the article with you below.

Have you ever come across an old journal entry or a letter you had written to yourself years ago? Were you amazed at how much had changed since then? Or how life was still relatively the same?

Let me know in the comments below. I would love to read your thoughts!


Girl in the City

If you were to tell the little girl that the city she visited six years ago to drop her brother off to college would become her home in the years to come, she probably would have stared at you with disbelief and giggled at the silly remark. After having a good laugh, she would have proceeded to go about living her content life without realizing that she would call this city her home, one day.

That little girl would not have realized then, that she was fated to settle into this vastly magnetic city, the moment she set foot on it. She would have failed to grasp that she was fated to live in a city dawned with glistening waters, exuberant sunrises, melting sunsets and Gothic architecture (imagine Hogwarts but better). A city which transformed into a magnificent winter wonderland with its first snowfall; a city which tied the warm-hearted locals into a celebration in the cooler months through the richness of steaming hot chocolates and gooey pastries, generously sprinkled with maple syrup, making the city experience incredibly sweet.

That little girl would not have imagined that the city would teach her valuable life lessons. She would not have realized that it was going to help her bloom into a jubilant flower, swaying back and forth in the strong city winds. That little girl would not have understood the transformation she was going to go through after setting foot into the city. She would not have appreciated the strenuous refining process she would undergo to make it BIG in the city. She would not have appreciated it then, but she surely was going to appreciate it in the years to come. That little girl was going to appreciate it because she was going to experience falling in love for the first time; falling in love with a magical city. She was going to meet familiar faces, experience new colours and friendships and feel copious amounts of bliss in the depths of this city.

The little girl did not know the amount of opportunities the city was going to give her. She did not know that the sun was going to shine a little brighter and the moon was going to illuminate its light a little longer, just for her. She did not know that the stars would align to make her fall in love with this city, over and over again.

What she didn’t know then, she was going to know now…

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