Finding balance in a ‘goal digging’ society

I have always been the kind of person who puts my best foot forward. I always go the extra mile whether it is for school, work or relationships in general. There’s something to be said about how every fiber in my being craves excellence in any given pursuit.

This is partly because I don’t like settling for anything less than what I deserve. And in order to attain the best, I realize that I have to work exceptionally hard to attract the right opportunities and people into my life.

While I think this is an admirable quality, what often gets left out of the equation is the burnout this causes. In pursuit of excellence, I often end up feeling exhausted and sleep-deprived. The reason being, I lose equilibrium and obsess about work while forgetting to take care of myself — eating, sleeping and socializing.

I think this viewpoint is also mirrored in today’s society. We as a society place so much importance on ‘the grind’, ‘productivity’ and being a ‘goal digger’, as if achieving your goals is an overnight process. What we often miss to talk about is our need to reset and recharge.

While there are many articles on the internet about “treating yo’ self” and “self love”, they all talk about self care in a grand way. But, it is not necessary to take a trip to Bali or go to the Bahamas to take care of yourself. That is missing the point.

Self care should mean getting back to the basics and living a balanced life. It should mean that while you work hard to achieve your goals and dreams, you should not forget to take care of yourself.

You should make an active effort to eat healthy meals on time, try to get at least 8 hours of sleep and make time to hangout with friends.

Because without all of this, obsessing over goals and dreams (and chasing excellence, in my case) will only leave you feeling burnt out.

Trust me — been there, done that.

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